Lipton Ice Tea

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Campaign goal

#liptoniced is the campaign of Lipton Ice Tea Switzerland for 2020 and means: Togetherness, sunshine moments and happiness. Refreshing, fun-loving, carefree!

The goal of the campaign is to raise awareness for the hashtag #liptoniced. A total of seven posts are published from June to December 2020. 

In the first three posts, the community is made aware of the competition where the follower can win festival tickets for 2021 which will take place in Siwtzerland.

In a second phase, during the next five months, the community is regularly made aware of the joie de vivre that is spread with Lipton and in good company.


  • Phase 1
    ● Period Phase I: 15.6.20 – 15.07.20
    ● Delivery of products: by 19.6.20 at the latest
    ● Submit content: by 22.6.20 at 17:00 at the latest
    ● Mail Date: between 26.6.20 – 28.6.20
    ● Feed post: 1 x Instagram feed post
    ● Story: 1 x Instagram Story with at least 3 Story Slides
    ● markings: @liptonicetea_ch in image and text
    ● Hashtags: #liptoniced #liptonicetea_ch

  • Phase 2
    ● Period Phase II: 1.7.20 – 31.12.20
    ● Submit content:
    ○ 1 x Instagram Post & Story: by 10.7.20 at the latest
    ○ 2 x Instagram Post & Story: no later than August 10, 20
    ○ 2 x Instagram Post & Story: no later than 10.10.20
    ○ 1 x Instagram Post & Story: by 31.11.20 at the latest
    ● Post Date: After approval by Picstars
    ● Feedpost: 6 x Instagram Feedposts
    ● Story: 6 x Instagram Stories with at least 3 Story Slides
    ● Markers:@liptonicetea_ch in image and text
    ● Hashtags: #liptoniced #liptonicetea_ch
    ● Swipe-Up:


Summer is finally here!

I’ve enjoyed these sunny days in Ticino with my boyfriend! I am so happy that I could finally refill some vitamin D! With so much sunshine a perfect cooling down with @liptonicetea_ch should not be missing!

With who do you enjoy these beautiful sunny summer days?😍☀️

Festival mode on!

Be a part of the #liptonicedchallenge and creat your own little festival! And the most exciting thing is you can already win festival tickets for the festival summer 2021! Just enter the code you find in the Lipton Ice Tea bottle on the official festival website of Lipton (! With a little luck you will win tickets for your favorite summer festival next year! GOOD LUCK LOVES! ☘️

SUNSET Festival Feelings

Join in and create your own little festival with the #LIPTONICEDCHALLENGE at home, on the boat, at the lake or in the garden! The important thing is that you just have fun! So you can prepare yourself for the summer festival season 2021

Always on the road

With @liptonicetea_ch, our faithful companion on our side, all those beautiful moments and breathtaking views we experience become even more unforgettable!

One last ride to Summer-End

with @liptonicetea_ch ! We couldn‘t accept that summer in Switzerland is already over! So we spontaneously decided to fly to Greece 🇬🇷 to relive the summer feeling again. 


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